Photographing the Little Things

By Synthia Clark

It’s the little things that drive my passion for photography. Things easily missed in our everyday lives, usually receiving little to no thought.

Seeing these overlooked intricacies through my camera lens, my perspective changes. As I slow down and focus, my imagination comes to life.

When photographing tools or gadgets, I wonder how they were used and where they came from. I think about what they have been able to create. I imagine the individuals who have used them, sometimes giving them rich back stories.

In nature, I’m amazed watching plants and insects interact within their ecosystem. I wonder how little bugs got to where they are, where they go and what they do with their days.

It all makes my childhood wonder return along with lessons from Disney songs like “The Circle of Life” and “Colors of the Wind.”

My photos are of little things—intricate, tiny scenes—captured through a camera lens. Photography broadens my perspective. It reminds me to appreciate and live life to the fullest.

So, make time to photograph and appreciate the little things because they add up.

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UT Knoxville

Synthia works in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at UT Knoxville as an administrative support assistant and acts as webmaster, writer and photographer. She enjoys staying busy with hobbies like photography, travel and music.

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