6 Apps to Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle

By Erica Jenkins, PR Associate, Office of Communications and Marketing, UT System Administration

Maximize your smartphone’s capacity by using the six apps below to help jumpstart your healthy lifestyle or take it to the next level.


MyFitnessPalMy Fitness Pal app icon
This free app will help you track calories and set intake goals to reach your goal weight with its extensive database of recipes and restaurant items. Invite friends to join the app, and they can connect and encourage you to stay motivated.


SWorkItSWorkit app icon
If you’re on the go and still want a great workout, this free app is for you. Set your time and desired intensity or focus area, and this app will instantly create a strength or cardio workout that you can do anywhere.


Yoga StudioYoga Studio app icon
Increase your flexibility, strength and focus with this yoga app. For $2.99, you can have a customized yoga class wherever you go. From 15-minute flexibility sessions to quick stretches and hour-long strength training, this app has it all.


iTriageiTriage app icon
Not feeling well? Don’t panic or ignore your symptoms. Use this free app, designed by physicians, to check your symptoms and take recommended actions. You also can use the app to create a safe place to store insurance, records and allergies and to manage medications or conditions.


MindBody CONNECTMind Body Connect app icon
Save yourself hours of Google searches, and use this app to find classes and wellness activities in your area. From massage to yoga and spin classes, this free app will direct you to the resources you need to find a community of people that enjoy similar activities.


LumosityLuminosity app icon
There are plenty of apps to keep your body strong and limber, but Lumosity is the free app that works your mind. Next time you reach to play a game on your phone, try the games on this app instead that are designed to increase your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

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UT System Administration

Erica joined the UT System Office of Communications and Marketing in 2011 and currently serves as public relations associate, specializing in measurement and analytics and managing communication planning for government relations and advocacy initiatives. When she’s not involved in community and campus organizations, Erica enjoys deep sea fishing with her family and working on music. 

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